Pure Indulgence


Sunday is a blend of ancient home grown remedies and cosmopolitan techniques with an oriental touch. Indulge in the gentle healing massages, feel the vibration of soft music, body wrap in nature’s bounty and enjoy the state of absolute bliss. From therapeutic massages to exotic facials, all our services are well crafted to pamper your skin, soothe your mind and rejuvenate your entire body. Moreover the serenity and calmness palpable in the spa will make you sink into the state of tranquility.

In house Herb Garden- The in house herb garden is a treat for eyes. It’s a well crafted green space where herbs are grown organically. We try our best to eliminate harsh chemical content from our products and substitute it with natural ingredients. Rest assured that you will also be pampered by the natural freshly plucked herbs from our in house garden.


Focus Areas

Get personalized attention and pamper the focal points of your body through our customized services

Crown Castle

Hair Play

Slender Back

Skin Deep

Dainty Hands

Leggy Lass

Foot Ritual


soak . breathe . unwind

Invigorating Massages

Breathe new life into your body and mind by the gentle healing massages. Enjoy the holistic experience and restore your effervescent self.



Calm your entire system and feel revived with the new found energy. This massage creates a warm sunny and radiant feeling, bringing in a sense of happiness and peace.



Holistic approach that soothes the mind, revives the body and soul. Extremely refreshing, enjoy the gentle massage with sweet scent of oil and aromatic candles wafting in the air.



Nil cobwebs in the mind to unravel the deep mysteries within. A distinctive combination of massage and yoga postures. Oil is generally not used instead body is stretched and rocked for maximum results.


Deep tissue

Soul stirring experience which can revitalize nervous system and rejuvenate you completely. Get rid of chronic aches through the systematic deep tissue pressure and alleviate the muscle tension even from the deepest layers of the body.


Foot Reflexology

A healing touch to the perhaps most neglected part of your physique by activating its reflex points for the renewed vitality. The pressure points get activated by pampering the foot with herbal oil and moisturizers.



Wallow in the ancient blend and indulge in the exquisite royal treatment. Get ready to experience the luxuries of holistic royal bath. After all you are a true princess, an epitome of beauty and grace.

Our Product Brands

Experience the spa trilogy of indulgence, nourishment and rejuvenation. Pamper yourself with an array of top notch brands like Paul Mitchel, Wella, Schwarzkopf, L'oreal, Morocon Oil, Dermalogica etc. Indulge in the wellness of Ayurveda for unrivalled smoothness and glistening glow. Feel nourished and satiated with the alluring KAMA Ayurveda product line for the ultimate Ayurvedic experience. Sunday is one of few spas in the country to associate with KAMA Ayurveda so that you can reap the benefits of the ancient deep rooted science of Ayurveda. Apart from these, there are also opportunities for both budding artists and connoisseurs who are passionate about crafting products from natural ingredients with no chemical content. We endorse the idea of crafting magic organically.