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Get personalized attention and pamper the focal points of your body through our customized services

Khatta-Meetha (Sugar and Salt)

Price Rs.3800

Slathering sugar seasoned with salt, flavoured with orange and cinamon. The exfoliating quotient of this potion is high leaving the body wickedly supple. The grains of sugar facilitates the exfoliation process and the salt relaxes the muscles. Tangy orange gives a kick and the tantalizing cinamon aid in weightloss too.

Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe (Sandalwood and Turmeric)

Price Rs.3500

A unique scrub that is antiseptic, anti-aging and yet gentle on the skin too. Fight skin infection with turmeric and pamper it with sandalwood at the same time. Scrub off dead layer of the skin and moisturize the body for the absolute bliss.

Nisargi (Green tea and Lemon)

Price Rs.3000

A rich concoction blending the goodness of freshly brewed green tea with the rejuvenating properties of lemon. Green tea replenishes, evens out the skin tone and at the same time removes dirt and impurities. Lemon activates the skin with its high exfoliating and detan properties.

Ubtan (Herbs, Cereals and Nuts)

Price Rs.3000

A dynamic mixture of herbs, cereals and nuts, finely grounded and powdered, for softening and soothing the tired skin. This powder is often stimulated with warm milk for dry skin or water for the oily one. Feel pampered and refreshed with the noticeably glowing skin.

Kuch Khaas (Scrub of the day)

Price Rs.3000

Experience the specially crafted scrub of the day. Be surprised to discover array of the most exotic compositions to make you feel replenished. Don’t hesitate to consult our Spa Manger for further information