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Get personalized attention and pamper the focal points of your body through our customized services

Abha (Clean up glow)

Price Rs.1100

In awe of splendor and elegance! A host of skin repairing ingredients that nourishes and nurture while lifting away pollutants and impurities for a perfect clean up glow. This unique potion of Vetiver & lotus that cools, cleanses and further clears blemishes.

Aafreen (Detan)

Price Rs.2000

Beautiful beyond words! Heal the delicate skin; detan and repair the damage due to excessive sun exposure. The soothing herbal products will heal and nourish the worn out skin and the regular treat- ment will shield it from any further damage.

Noor (Radiance glow)

Price Rs.2000

Emanate light and positivity! A perfect blend of herbs with a tinge of finest saffron from Kashmir for perfect natural radiance and glistening glow. A luxuriant treatment to lighten your skin and foster new cell growth.

Nikhar (Pigmentation)

Price Rs.2500

Bloom and blossom like a flower in spring! A purifying and retexturing treatment that fights pigmentation and evens out skin tone with its gentle therapeutic action. The pH balance of the skin is maintained by with the splash of pure rose water, vetiver and lavender.

Pakeezah (Acne and Pimples)

Price Rs.2500

Pristine Beauty. An effective solution for the dreaded acne and pimples. It also helps to lighten the post acne scarring too. The natural blend of Vetiver and Ashwagandha fights inflammation, swelling and prevents further discomfort.

Maya (Anti ageing)

Price Rs.2500

Eternal beauty and Mirror of illusion! A combination of rare anti ageing herbs that aids in reducing fine lines and other visible signs of ageing. Pure essential oils of Rose and Jasmine purify and nurture for younger looking skin