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Global spa trends designed to heal the mind, body & soul

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Sedentary lifestyles, rapid urbanization, and working professionals' hectic schedules have increased therapeutic spas' preference to relieve anxiety and stress. As a result, spas that include customized best and super-premium capabilities through several spas services and treatments are gaining momentum.

Today, spas may answer most of the desires of people expecting to be offered additional pampering services. The management consulting firm, McKinsey, estimates the global wellness market at more than $1.5 trillion, with annual growth of 5 to 10 %.

Key pillars driving the growing global spa trends market:

  • Better Health

  • Better fitness

  • Better appearance

  • Better sleep

  • Better mindfulness

Here are the most popular spa treatments

1. Manicures and pedicures

More than 40% of respondents said they want a manicure and/or pedicure during their spa visit. We weren’t astonished, as these beauty treatments offer instant pick-me-ups with visible consequences. It feels great to return home with smooth and pretty hands as an indication of your spa-ing. Or to show off your best-looking feet and polished toes in sandals! There are mood-enhancing assistances to manicures and pedicures too: the process of having your hands and feet exfoliated, moisturised and polished can be very relaxing. At Sunday we use reflexology or gentle massage to enhance your experience.

2. Body treatments

The term body treatment covers a wide range of procedures (including wraps, scrubs and soaks). Most of these attain the powerful double feat of being relaxing and invigorating. Approximately half of the respondents (50%) said they would like a body treatment when they visit a spa, and we enthusiastically support their decision. Whether you’re being wrapped in algae, scrubbed with salt, or floated in a bath of milk and honey, a body treatment is almost an essential component of the perfect spa day. This will relax you, open your pores and soothe your muscles so you can benefit fully from the experience.

3. Facials

65% of our respondents said they would select to have a facial during a spa visit. We’re with you. Every day your face is the most visible and most unprotected part of you and it deserves proper treatment and of course, pampering from time to time. As with body treatments, there’s a big variety in the facial treatments available at Sunday we have some world-famous treatments of Casmara. We say a good facial should leave your skin feeling cleaner, fresher and more radiant.

4. Massage

It’s official: massage is the most popular spa treatment. 90% of respondents said they would choose to have a massage during a spa visit 😱. Amazed! We think this is a great idea. Massage is more than just me-time: it’s the one treatment steadily backed by research for its health-giving benefits. These benefits include relieving stress-related conditions to helping the restoration process after injury. While there are many types of massage therapy, the general principles are usually the same: massage relaxes tired muscles, stimulates blood and lymph circulation and inspires your body to produce endorphins, the chemicals that make you feel “on top of the world”.

5. Hair Spa

Hair Spa is a new age-suggested hair care regimen that needs to be taken into consideration. 80% of respondents said they would choose to have a hair spa done during their spa visit. Hair spa treatments require a lot of massages so that they can stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp, revitalizes it and improves hair growth. An extensive hair spa process removes all dirt, pollutants, and contaminants from the pores. Once your scalp is rid of such impurities, your hair growth gets a stimulus. A hair spa is a procedure that helps make hair strong, bouncy, and shiny, while at the same time dealing with dandruff, damaged hair, and hair fall control.


Taking care of the physical and beauty-wellbeing is only one layer of the spa culture. One of the other major layers has to do with the human connection. We go to a spa to look and feel our best, escape the rut of daily life, and sometimes have healing and healthy conversations with the people we have come to trust. Through workshops, treatments, and apps, spas can introduce clients to a variety of self-improvement and mindfulness practices including getting more restful sleep and learning to focus and meditate.

Happy spa-ing! 😇

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