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Keratin Treatment: An Impeccable Solution For Monsoon Hair Care

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

DON’T LET THE RAIN, Down Your Pageant!

Monsoons can definitely be one of the favourite seasons of the year. It’s cozy outside and all the colourful umbrellas are out and about on the boulevards, painting the town in a zillion colours. While all you want to do in this season is to jump in the water and sip on some warm hot chocolate, the annoyance that this season brings along can easily pull you out of this la-la land. Monsoon hair problems can be quite challenging for your hair. It gets sticky, frizzy, and muddled, a full way for hair to fall. So, girls why let the rains ruin your good hair days? Time to stop the damage and say yes to more open hair days, even on rainy days! Adopt the best hair care for monsoon season.

In more than 90% of people, hair fall upsurges by almost 30% during the monsoons. Preferably, we should all be adopting our hair care routine as the climate changes but it is not always conceivable.

On a standard day, it is tolerable to experience a hair fall of about 50-60 hairs per day during the monsoons this number can increase to up to 250 or more. Hair loss increases during monsoons because of the increased humidity in the atmosphere, dry scalp, dandruff, and contact with rainwater. For some unfortunate girls (yeah, we’re looking at you, girls with curls!), the balmy weather causes enough frizz to convince birds to move in!