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Body Polish – Coffee

Body Polish – Coffee


Craving for a pampering self-care session? The Body Polish with our coffee body polishing session on Sunday- The Spa polishes and reduces cellulite & stretch marks. Coffee is well known for its property to remove tan and dead skin, softly smoothing and moisturizing your skin. 


Our treatment helps in exfoliating your skin giving a fresh look, and smooth texture. The product is abrasive and is applied to your skin and rubbed at a fast pace and massaged all through your skin and then rinsed off to give you a moist filled surface of fresh, cleansed, and smooth skin.


Purpose And Method:


Body polishes leave your skin healthier, softer, and glowing. They are a great method for treating dry, sun-damaged, and dehydrated skin, as well as clogged pores and acne. Our Sunday with Spa offers energizing body polishes with natural antioxidants; all treatments include steam and shower. Treat your skin to a luxurious experience, and enjoy the increased sense of well-being and deliciously soft skin that results.

* While body polishes can be booked as a standalone spa treat, we recommend before (or offered as part of) a detoxifying body wrap treatment.

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