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Mukammal (Balinese)

Mukammal (Balinese)


Balinese Massage is a full-body, holistic combines therapies like acupressure, skin rolling, friction, a combination of firm and gentle stroking, and percussion. The massage will emphasise the "Qi" (energy) lines of the body, to stimulate the flow of blood, and oxygen, and bring a sense of comfort, calm, and deep relaxation.


The well-trained therapist of Sunday with Spa uses Sugandadi essential oil deep pressure during the massage, to work on deep, knotted tissue, muscle damage and kneading to relieve tension.


Techniques And Purpose:


It boosts blood flow and vitality and is based on Ayurvedic literature that teaches a comprehensive healing approach that strives to balance restoration between the body and the mind. It also includes reflexology in addition to acupressure. Expert therapist at Sunday with Spa concentrates on particular areas of your body in order to relieve stress and discomfort.

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