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Purifying Treatment

Purifying Treatment


Purifying and Oxygenating Treatment that protects against pollution, dead skin cells and dirt. Stimulates skin at all levels. It has revolutionary facial oxygenating hygiene with Cosmetic Drone Technology and Pure Oxygen. The process hydrates and cleanses the skin and leaves your skin radiant and supple.


The benefit of the product used


  • Open Pore - Advanced purifying technique made of natural oils, hydrolyzed oat, and natural surfactants that provide the latest quality in skin cleansing. Dilating the pore and softening the blackhead to ease its removal. The perfect blend of its components helps the skin treated to be micro-relaxed.
  • D + C Cell Complex - Detoxifying cell complex made of the Mirabilis Jalapa plant. These toxins are amassed inside preventing the cell from working properly and it reduces the future formation of toxins.
  • Chlorella Drone-Tech - Innovative active ingredient made of the COSMETIC DRONE TECHNOLOGY with microencapsulated Chlorella (algae rich in chlorophyll, vitamins, proteins, and essential amino acids). Let’s the cell successfully transform the energy into metabolic light.
  • Oxígeno Activo - It is a revolutionary system that liberates pure oxygen. It exponentially increases metabolic activity and optimizes the process of cell reproduction.


9-step Purifying facial Treatment (90 Minutes Session)


Step 1: Cleansing 

Step 2: Detoxifying Stage

Step 3: Cleansing-Purifying

Step 4: Oxygenating 

Step 5: Energizing Drone-Tech 

Step 6: Rgnerin 3 Action cleanser

Step 7: Eye Contouring Gel Application

Step 8: Refreshing And Hydrating Green Mask

Step 9: Hydro-Oxygenating

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