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Ruhaniyat (Head, Neck & Shoulder)

Ruhaniyat (Head, Neck & Shoulder)


If you’re one of the last remaining sceptics out there who is yet to experience the many emotional and physical wonders of a head, neck and shoulder massage, you’re missing out big time!


It reflexively benefits the functions of many organs and systems, improves tissue metabolism, calms the nervous system as well as regulates vegetative body functions. Our well-trained massage therapist understands neck massage techniques as well as how and where to work trigger points in those muscles in order to help you ease the ache and prevent further injury.


Using thumbs, fingertips, palms and fists, a skilled therapist will start by massaging the shoulders and upper chest before moving to the back of the head and eventually applying deeper pressure at the base of the skull. This calming massage is a blend of strokes, stretch movements and acupressure on key points of the face, head, neck, and shoulders.

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