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Are you one of those who felt exhausted because of your frizzy hair and it took an hour to get them in shape before you could leave for work? If you are struggling with your dry, dense, unmanageable hair, then walk up to a salon and get a hair smoothening done.


The Hair Smoothening Treatment Process


Step 1: The stylist will give your hair and scalp a thorough wash to remove dirt, grime, and product build-up. It will be followed by a hair conditioner. 

Step 2: Hair is then dried with the help of a blow dryer to move on to the next stage.

Step 3: For Smoothening Cream Application, Hair is divided into various small segments and a smoothening cream is applied all over your precious strands. This cream contains formaldehyde which transforms curly and wavy hair by aligning the hair structure, the cream is not used in roots.

Step 4: This cream is then allowed to sit in your hair for about 30-40 minutes, this is followed by rinsing.

Step 5: After another blow dry, your hair will be straightened using a hair straightening iron. 

Step 6: Mask and Shampoo are applied followed by a blow-dry 

Step 7: Another cream is applied to the hair to replenish the nourishment of the strands. This mask is left on for another 20- 25 minutes after which your hair will be rinsed with a mild shampoo and conditioner followed by a blow-dry.


Straightening has one extra step in the whole process which gives you poker-straight hair- it is 100% straightening but smoothing is somewhat 70-80% straightening, and it looks more natural.

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