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Thapki (Back)

Thapki (Back)


Thapki - A back Massage is performed on the back of the posterior side of the human torso and starts just above the buttocks and ends just below the neck. The vertebral column runs all the way through the centre of the back. Massage performed on the back can be a good way to end the day or a long week.


Process followed by professional for a back massage


Step 1: Use petrissage techniques. Its kneading technique uses rolling and pressing to enhance deeper circulation. A massagist uses only light to medium pressure while applying petrissage movements.

Step 2: Apply percussive strokes. These movements have a stimulating, compressive effect on the tissue.

Step 3: Use muscle-lifting techniques. To perform this, the therapist closes their fingers and holds out their thumb (in a "lobster claw" shape). Apply pressure in a twisting, lifting motion.

Step 4: Use a fanning technique. Well-trained professionals position thumbs at the top of the back, just below the neck and on either side of the spine. Using a "fanning" motion with thumbs extended, push gently down toward the lower back.

Step 5: Apply twists. Come back around to the person's side. Reach around the far hip with one hand, while the other hand rests on the near hip.

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